ANNUAL Wall Calendar

Enjoy your photos all year

Janice can help you select the 12 best photos from your private shoot to create a memorable double-sided wall calendar (8.5" x 11") to proudly display in your home or office. The cost is just $35 for your very own personalized calendar.   Discounts for multiple copies of your calendar to share with friends and family.

YOUR Photo shoot

Photo sessions conducted on-site at a location of your choosing

The rate for a private photo session is $95 per hour, with a one hour minimum. There will be a $50 per hour (prorated) travel charge if the photo site is more than a 30 minute drive for Janice Cain in Orange County (San Juan Capistranos). If applicable, this cost will be determined upon discussion of the photo location and logistics.

Group rates available (example: multiple owners at a horse boarding facility want a private photo session with their horse). Call for more information.

Sample of the keepsake items that can feature your photo

The list below is a small sample of some of the many special keepsakes that can be ordered with a photo taken at your private photo shoot.

      When reviewing your posted photos after your private photo shoot (posted on the "Proofs" web page), double click on any photo and review the different options listed in the right-hand column. Not only can you see the different options and the pricing of the item, but you can also try the different color schemes (full color, black & white, sepia, retro).

      It's so easy to order a special keepsake to enjoy every day - and throughout the years ahead!

Photo price Sheet

Choose Your Favorite Prints (traditional, canvas, digital) and Special Keepsakes

Featured below is an overview of some different options for ordering your favorite photos taken at your private photo session. Prices may vary.

    The minimum spend required is $40.00 to place a photo order online using a debit or credit card. To assure protection and confidentiality of your credit/debit card, Janice Cain Photography utilizes a professional third party credit card processing service that collects and processes your payment.

     Take advantage of the special "preview" tool that allows each photo to be viewed in either color, B&W or Serpia color effect. This will allow you the opportunity to preview the different look & feel so you can decide which you prefer before placing an order.